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Spriting is our game!
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8-Bit Characters
[GIFT] Fletchbreon Sprite by Nifhr
[GIFT] Tartii La by Nifhr
Caik the Wolf [GIFT] by Nifhr
A sprite version of one of your characters. Can be animated per request, and additional costs may or may not be applied, depending on how large the sprite is.
No examples yet, will update this when I upload one.

At minimum a 4-page comic series of your choosing.

+150:points: per additional page
Short Comic
Nifhr... again. by Nifhr
Simple one-page comic.
Shaded OC [NO BG]
Creature of the Starry Night by Nifhr
Shaded character(s) of your choice.

+200:points: per additional character
Pokemon Wallpaper
Yveltal Wallpaper by Nifhr
Linoone Wallpaper by Nifhr
Shaded Pokemon of your choice with a gradient background.

+300:points: per additional Pokemon
8-Bit Music
Literally just 8-bit music I make with a little program called FamiTracker. Do not pay me on this widget; donate the points to me.
RPG - Character Sprites
Character Sprites by Nifhr
Character Sprites 2 by Nifhr
Letters and in-game sprites typically found in old arcade games. They're small and generally span from 4x7 pixels to 6x10.


Nifhr has started a donation pool!
0 / 100,000
Shut up about the goal, this is really just for commissions, and I don't want to have to update it.

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Nifhr's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hello! It's your friendly neighborhood Orca pooltoy, Nyphr! Sometimes I'm an Yveltal! But don't be afraid to talk to me!

3DS FC: 5155-3179-2125
Steam: Nyphveltal
Skype: Nyphveltal


As I stare off in the sky,
I wonder, ponder and think,
I was created for a reason, but
what was I made to do?

I look to my history, but find nothing.
Into my soul, I delve the depths,
but there are only shattered remains
of what I once was, and can never return.

I question myself here and there, wondering
"Do I even belong?" "What is my cause?"
After all this time, I finally realize
I don't belong, not here, nor anywhere.

I sit alone in the darkness,
knowing all too well the truth.
I've spent my life here for so long,
but I shan't ever be accepted.

In the midst of a group,
I sit on the outside looking in.
I never become a part of the action,
for I know I don't belong.

I will never belong.
Not now.
Not ever.
Nyphloom...? by Nifhr
Okay, so yep. This... this is a thing.

... I don't... what.

Say hello to my new icon, guys! So, here's the story behind this pic. A few days ago, either on Saturday or Sunday, my sister asked me what my birthday Pokémon was. I told her I didn't know, so she did some math or whatever the fuck and I found out that my birthday Pokémon was a Breloom. See, the math here is your birthday, if over the total number of Pokémon in the Pokédex, minus the total number of Pokémon. Otherwise, it's the month and the day that you were born in. Sorry, easterners of the world, I'm going by US date methods.

Anyway, yeah, when I heard about this, I drew it not 3 days later. I used 14 layers including the gradient background. I... had to be safe on things.

Also, I tried using TheGuyNoOneRemembers's style, and when I showed this to him via Skype, he mentioned how eerily close this is to his style. So I'm happy! :D

Breloom © Pokémon
Nyphloom © Nifhr
Art Style © TheGuyNoOneRemembers
How's the Weather, Kragon? by Nifhr
How's the Weather, Kragon?
End: Hey, Kragon!
Kragon: Yes?
End: How's the weather up there?
Kragon: ...
End: :meow:

Kragon the Koopa Dragon © ReadyUnknownFox
End the Dragon © TheGuyNoOneRemembers
Art © Nifhr
Running out of Premium. Literally ends on the day of love.
6 deviants said NYUUUUUUUUU :nuu:
1 deviant said Whatever. :shrug:
1 deviant said Aww... :heart:
1 deviant said Hooray.
Balloon Huggin' Shy by Nifhr
Balloon Huggin' Shy
:icondatshinytyphlosion: hugging a balloon.

Happy birthday, bro. c:

The Balloonie Typhie © DatShinyTyphlosion
Art © Nifhr

1. Which Pokemon would you be?
Um. Kinda obvious.

2. Which Pokemon would be your significant other (boyfriend/girlfriend and possible husband/wife)?
I haven't really given it much thought, actually.

3. Would you have babies?
I can't, because I can't reproduce. I'm a legendary Pokemon, so...

4. Would you be a wild Pokemon or a caught Pokemon?
Wild, duh. Not being controlled by some weak-ass human.

5. Would you be a Pokemon that transformed humans into Pokemon?
Well, I'd have to kill them first. And I don't really like doing that...

6. Would you be a good Pokemon or a bad Pokemon?
Well, I'm Death Incarnate - I'm neither good nor bad. I bring death when it's time for people to come to the Land of the Dead. Er... for Pokemon.

7. Would you eat Berries, human food or both?
Whatever's available.

8. Why did you choose the Pokemon you said you'd be?

9. Why did you get tagged?
Because SOMEONE had to be a friend of mine... *coughshycough*

10. What will you tell people at the end of this tag?
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  • Listening to: people

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